Rtm360 516r sound driver


Virtual Light and Sound Machine

Virtual Light and Sound MachineThis one of a kind FREE software is a no cost high tech solution for effortless relaxation It creates hypnotic pulses that adjust for various CPU speeds producing a consistent flashrate on one s

  • Home page: http://SimplifiedHealth.com
  • Rating: (2/5)

Wheel Of Sounds 1.0

Wheel Of Sounds 1.0WHEEL OF SOUNDS is a switch activated game that plays an object 039 s sound when the object is selected by the spinner. The spinner is activated by either step scanning timed scanning a single switch

  • Publisher: Judy Lynn Software
  • Home page: http://www.judylynn.com/prog_desc.php?PROG_NUM=219
  • Rating: (3/5)

Sound Recorder 2.1

Sound Recorder 2.1A simple sound recording application which uses QuickTime. Launch it setup the microphone and record to a QuickTime Movie file. This is an example of what you can do using Realbasic and the Monkeybread

  • Home page: http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/Freeware/SoundRecorder.shtml
  • Rating: (5/5)

Free Flash Buttons Sounds Pack

Free Flash Buttons Sounds PackA free Flash Soundpack provided courtesy of beatsuite.com to help users expand their audio abilities and creative ideas. This pack contains 18 Flash Button Sounds completely Royalty Free and there is

  • Home page: http://www.beatsuite.com
  • Rating: (5/5)

Sounds 4.6.3

Sounds 4.6.3Sounds is a really small program that will enable you to make music on any pc (no sound card or speakers required!). It's possible to record and replay the music you created.

  • Publisher: GoodSoft Development
  • Home page: http://www.GoodSoft.be/english/software/sounds.htm
  • Rating: (4/5)

Ad Sound Recorder 5.4.1 5.1.2

Ad Sound Recorder 5.4.1AD Sound Recorder is a sound recording program. It can record any sounds to WAV or MP3 from Microphone CD internet as well as from music played by Windows Media Player WinAmp RealPlayer

  • Publisher: AdroSoft
  • Rating: (2/5)

Dolby Cockpit Sounds Fsx 1.3

Dolby Cockpit Sounds Fsx 1.3Real cockpit sounds FSX software produces real cockpit sounds that Flight Simulator engine can not do due to software limitations. All cockpit sounds production based to advanced mathematics and

  • Publisher: FSPS
  • Home page: http://fsps.737ng.gr/DCSFSX.html
  • Rating: (5/5)

Sound Surgeon Trial 3.2.4190

Sound Surgeon Trial 3.2.4190Sound Surgeon is the fast easy way to cut or join sound files. Just open up your favorite music and trim the start or end. Add multiple files to your quot Stitch List quot and save them as one long

  • Publisher: Inspyder Software Inc
  • Home page: http://www.sound-surgeon.com/Default.aspx
  • Rating: (3/5)

Sound Maxremoval Tool 1.0

Sound Maxremoval Tool 1.0SoundMAX Removal Tool will find and fully remove SoundMAX and all problems associated with SoundMAX virus. Fast easy and handy SoundMAX Removal Tool protects your computer against SoundMAX that

  • Publisher: Security Stronghold
  • Home page: http://www.securitystronghold.com/gates/soundmax.html
  • Rating: (2/5)

SoundCopy 1.1

SoundCopy 1.1SoundCopy is a handy sound recording application that allowis you to record playback save and compress to mp3 any voice music or sound. Recording time is limited only by the amount of hard disk space

  • Home page: http://www.measureandconvert.com/prod07.htm
  • Rating: (4/5)

Kangas Sound Editor 3.1.0

Kangas Sound Editor 3.1.0A sound editor that allows the user to create music and sound effects. It uses a system of frequency ratios for pitch control rather than conventional music notation and equal temperament. It allows

  • Home page: http://www.kangasound.com
  • Rating: (2/5)

AsifSound vs. Spelling American Dictionary

AsifSound vs. Spelling   American DictionaryFind a word s spelling from its abstract pronunciation. Includes mathematical Set concept and Japanese culture way. It s a grouping technique.

  • Home page: http://www5d.biglobe.ne.jp/~the_imai/asifsound_dict.htm
  • Rating: (3/5)

SoundClipper FunTool

SoundClipper FunToolTyping e mails and instant messages can get boring. Why not send spoken messages It s quicker more personal and makes so much fun. Be creative use the new SoundClipper

  • Home page: http://www.soundclipper.com
  • Rating: (2/5)

i Sound WMA MP3 Recorder Professional

 i Sound WMA MP3 Recorder Professionali Sound WMA MP3 Recorder turn your computer into complete audio recording studio. You can record sound from internal or external source into MP3 OGG WMA APE WAV format sound file directly without

  • Publisher: Abyss Media Company
  • Home page: http://www.abyssmedia.com/mp3recorder/index.shtml
  • Rating: (5/5)

iRecordMax Sound Recorder

 iRecordMax Sound RecorderiRecordMax Sound Recorder is a sound recording program for Windows PCs. Using iRecordMax Sound Recorder you can quickly and easily record audio notes messages or announcements in either wav wma ogg

  • Publisher: AudioRedo Software
  • Home page: http://record-audio.com/products_irecordmax_overview.html
  • Rating: (5/5)


Sound lets you mathematically create sounds in Java. You define your sounds in terms of 16-bit linear code for the waveform, -- an array of samplings. The U_Law.class will then convert that to (or from

  • Publisher: Canadian Mind Products
  • Home page: http://mindprod.com/products2.html#SOUND
  • Rating: (5/5)