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7Burn Portable 2.0

7Burn Portable 2.07Burn Free Burning Software SevenBurn is designed to work properly under Windows 7 operating system through IMAPIv2 that enables to use any support for writing discs including Blu Ray. IMAPI2 is not

  • Home page: http://www.rcpsoft.net/7burn.html
  • Rating: (1/5)

Mozilla Firefox Portable 18.0.2

Mozilla Firefox Portable 18.0.2Portable Firefox is a fully functional package of Firefox optimized for use on a USB key drive. It has some specially-selected optimizations to make it perform faster and extend the life of your USB key

  • Home page: http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable
  • Rating: (4/5)

FCleaner Portable 1.0.2

FCleaner Portable 1.0.2FCleaner Portable does the same things as FCleaner the all in one Windows disk and registry cleaning and optimization tool. The big difference between them is FCleaner Portable can be used in a portable

  • Home page: http://www.fcleaner.com/portable.htm
  • Rating: (3/5)

Retroshare Portable 0.5.2a

Retroshare Portable 0.5.2aRetroShare is a Open Source cross platform private and secure decentralised communication platform. It lets you to securely chat and share files with your friends and family using a web of trust to

  • Home page: http://retroshare.sourceforge.net/
  • Rating: (2/5)

Portable Infra Recorder 0.45 Rev 2

Portable Infra Recorder 0.45 Rev 2Infra Recorder is a free CD DVD burning solution for Microsoft Windows. It offers a wide range of powerful features all through an easy to use application interface and Windows Explorer integration.

  • Home page: http://portableapps.com/apps/utilities/infrarecorder_portable
  • Rating: (4/5)

ClamWin Free Antivirus Portable 0.97.2

ClamWin Free Antivirus Portable 0.97.2Portable ClamWin is the popular ClamWin Antivirus packaged as a portable app so you can take your antivirus with you to scan files on the go. ClamWin provides a graphical user interface to the Clam

  • Home page: http://portableapps.com/apps/utilities/antivirus/portable_clamwin
  • Rating: (4/5)

HotKeyz Portable

HotKeyz Portable applications commands open files and folders with hotkeys. You can work faster and more efficiently by using your keyboard instead of your mouse. HotKeyz lets you easily create and maintain

  • Home page: http://www.skynergy.com
  • Rating: (5/5)

Argente Uninstall Manager Portable

Argente   Uninstall Manager Portable Uninstall Manager is a utility that displays all the applications installed on Windows and allows you to safely uninstall them. Many applications are installed without your consent and often

  • Home page: http://argentesoftware.blogspot.com/
  • Rating: (3/5)

Notepad2 mod Portable

Notepad2 mod PortableSyntax highlighting HTML XML PHP ASP JS VBS CSS JavaScript VBScript C C C Resource Script Makefiles Java Visual Basic Pascal Assembly SQL Perl Python Configuration Files Apache

  • Publisher: Notead2/mod Teams
  • Rating: (4/5)

2X Client Portable

2X Client PortableNative RDP Connections Using the 2X Client you can now connected to a machine running Microsoft Terminal Server using a Remote Desktop Protocol connection. Administrators can easily configure desktop

  • Publisher: 2X Software Ltd.
  • Rating: (1/5)

Kommute Portable 0.24

Kommute Portable 0.24Kommute is a cross platfrom file sharing client using the anonymous network MUTE. Developped using C and Qt. For windows and linux portable to other environments. Why Kommute Kommute use the anonymous

  • Home page: http://kommute.sourceforge.net/
  • Rating: (2/5)

System Explorer Portable 2.3.2

System Explorer Portable 2.3.2System Explorer is free awards winning software for exploration and management of System Internals. This small software includes many usefull tools which help you Keep Your System Under Control. With

  • Home page: http://www.systemexplorer.net/
  • Rating: (5/5)

Free Countdown Timer Portable 2.2

Free Countdown Timer Portable 2.2It s great to be able to fully concentrate on the task at hand while waiting for a future task to be ready for action. Free Countdown Timer Portable can remind you about important events by playing your

  • Home page: http://www.free-countdown-timer.com/
  • Rating: (1/5)

Nexus File Portable 5.2.1

Nexus File Portable 5.2.1NexusFile is a powerful and stylish file manager for Windows. Many useful functions will save your time and effort. Dual Pane You can see two folders side by side. And it makes you to do compare navigate

  • Home page: http://xiles.net/
  • Rating: (4/5)

Portable FLV Converter 2.3

Portable FLV Converter 2.3FLV Converter is free Windows software for conversion of Macromedia Flash FLV format into one of the many output video formats. With FLV Converter you can convert your FLV encoded video content into

  • Home page: http://www.flv-converter.org/
  • Rating: (3/5)

BreezeMail Portable 2.11

BreezeMail Portable 2.11Fast portable easy to use email client. Features POP3 and SMTP with Authorisation TLS SSL Support Attachments Anti spam strategy Anti phishing Secure blocks external links and downloads Calendar

  • Home page: http://www.b2ltd.com/databaseplace/
  • Rating: (4/5)