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CopyToPhoneInstant message or copy text from any Windows application to your phone. CopyToPhone allows you to copy text directly to your phone and instant message quickly with customizable shortcut keys Ctrl M

  • Home page: http://www.copytophone.com
  • Rating: (3/5)

Power Phone Book

 Power Phone BookPower Phone Book is an organizer of new generation. It has all standard functions as modern organizer additionally allows to user to set up data access thru Internet all over the world providing high

  • Publisher: DG Software
  • Home page: http://www.dgalaxy.net/ppbe.php?en
  • Rating: (2/5)

iPhoneBrowser 1.81

iPhoneBrowser strong iPhoneBrowser strong lets you browse your iPhone and iPod Touch files on your Windows PC. p p Your iOS mobile device is full of space that you can take advantage of just like an external

  • Publisher: IPhoneBrowser
  • Home page: http://code.google.com/p/iphonebrowser/downloads/list
  • Rating: (4/5)

Microsoft Phone Data Manager

Microsoft Phone Data Manager As mobile phones become ever smarter more and more of us are using our devices as mini computers. But how easy do you find it to share data from your Windows machine with your mobile Not

  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Home page: http://specials.msn.co.in/sp08/msphonedatamanager/userguide.asp
  • Rating: (2/5)

Send To Phone 1.2

Send To Phone 1.2Send polyphonic ringtones images and other files to your mobile phone without any cables and adapters You don t need to get your phone linked to anything or be with the connectivity range. Using

  • Home page: http://www.mobilatory.com/
  • Rating: (3/5)

ZC Video to Cell Phone Converter

 ZC Video to Cell Phone ConverterZC Video to Cell Phone Converter helps you transfer videos and audiotracks to your cell phone Blackberry Windows Mobile phone symbian palm or pocket PC. It supports most of popular video movie formats

  • Publisher: ZC Software
  • Home page: http://www.videoxdvd.com/video_to_3gp.htm
  • Rating: (2/5)

Free DVD to iPhone Converter

Free DVD to iPhone ConverterBatch fast convert DVD to iPhone MP4 video FREE Free convert DVD to iPhone put DVD on iPhone and watch wonderful DVD movies on iPhone's widescreen. Leawo Free DVD to iPhone Converter is the easiest

  • Home page: http://www.leawo.com/dvd-to-iphone-converter/
  • Rating: (1/5)

PhoneBook 1.0

PhoneBook 1.0Stores Phone numbers addresses email ids URLs etc with back up and restore facility. It also prints the Phone Book.

  • Home page: http://www.chemuturi.com
  • Rating: (3/5)

PhoneTray Free 1.35

PhoneTray Free 1.35PhoneTray is an easy to use FREE Caller ID software. It shows and speaks the caller name and number before you answer the phone. You can set a different ringtone for each type of callers select from

  • Home page: http://www.phonetray.com
  • Rating: (5/5)

PhoneMGR 2.1

PhoneMGR 2.1PhoneMGR is an professional Employee In Out Board and Message Management for Windows based systems. Use PhoneMGR to instantly know where your co workers are and how to contact them. PhoneMGR is perfect

  • Home page: http://phonemgr.com
  • Rating: (5/5)

PhoneRa 1.0.1

PhoneRa 1.0.1PhoneRa is a simple tool that does a simple job it gives you the level of the Specific Absorption Rate SAR of your next cell phone mobile phone. The latest scientific research seems to indicate

  • Home page: http://raproducts.org
  • Rating: (3/5)

Image Properties for Camera Phones 1.0

Image Properties for Camera Phones 1.0This is a utility designed to read EXIF information of JPEG images captured by camera phones. Several information that can be read using this utility are file name file size phones brand phones model

  • Home page: http://www.exifcameraphones.com
  • Rating: (4/5)

MiPhone v2.0

MiPhone v2.0VoIP Video Phone save 95 money Broadband Voice Over MiPhone installed in your PC you can make calls to mobile and fixed phones with excellent sound quality at no additional cost which costs RMB

  • Home page: http://www.com.tv/eng/index.shtml
  • Rating: (5/5)

Firefly Internet Phone 3.2.1

Firefly Internet Phone 3.2.1Firefly is Freshtel s fully featured Internet Phone. You can make phone calls to any other Firefly users anywhere in the world for free. You also get instant messaging to other Firefly users as well

  • Home page: http://www.freshtel.net
  • Rating: (5/5)

LynxPhone 0.6.0

LynxPhone 0.6.0LynxPhone is an easy to use simple and highly customizable VoIP softphone based on open standards. Fully open you can use the phone on any network. It has none of the complications of other open softphones

  • Home page: http://www.bitlynx.com/lynxphone.php
  • Rating: (1/5)

VSoft Phone v3.3

VSoft Phone v3.3The VSoft Phone is a simple to use internet telephone system that can reduce your call costs. It uses the latest technology to let you make calls to friends family and business associates anywhere in

  • Home page: http://www.mobif.com.my
  • Rating: (3/5)