Easy send pro version 2 0 beta2


Easy Trace Pro 9.2

Easy Trace Pro 9.2The Easy Trace Pro software package is developed for quick and high-grade digitizing of diverse cartographic materials. It is armed with a whole arsenal of utilities and tools for both data extraction

  • Publisher: JoomlArt.com
  • Home page: http://www.easytrace.com/program/download_en
  • Rating: (5/5)

KGB Archiver 2.0 Beta 2

KGB Archiver 2.0 Beta 2KGB Archiver is the compression tool with unbelievable high compression rate. It surpasses even such efficient compression tool like 7zip and UHARC in terms of the abilities. Unfortunately although its

  • Home page: http://kgbarchiver.net/
  • Rating: (3/5)

Avitester 1.0 Beta 2

Avitester 1.0 Beta 2Avitester is a free and useful codec testing utility. How to use The syntax is AVITester FileName.Avi FOURCC ReportFile.Txt options All parameters enclosed by are mandatory All parameters

  • Home page: http://www.mindbend.ro/Old_Products.htm
  • Rating: (4/5)

Shrink It 1.0 Beta 2

Shrink It  1.0 Beta 2Shrink It is a very small utility that will let you easily reduce the size of your pictures. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

  • Home page: http://www.msfn.org/
  • Rating: (4/5)

Send To Phone 1.2

Send To Phone 1.2Send polyphonic ringtones images and other files to your mobile phone without any cables and adapters You don t need to get your phone linked to anything or be with the connectivity range. Using

  • Home page: http://www.mobilatory.com/
  • Rating: (3/5)

Yamb Beta 2

Yamb Beta 2Yamb is the acronym of Yet Another Mp4Box UI. In other words this is a new graphical interface for mp4box using a tool based on command lines which is a part of GPAC Framework. This GUI is mainly dedicated

  • Home page: http://yamb.unite-video.com/
  • Rating: (1/5)

Suszinka Playlist Generator 2.0.1 Beta 2

Suszinka Playlist Generator 2.0.1 Beta 2This little application automatically generates series of playlists in .wpl format Windows Media Player . For example if you have 60 MP3 files in one directory you can make 10 playlists with 6 files

  • Home page: http://wyraj.pdg.pl
  • Rating: (1/5)

Random Bible Quotes 2.0 Beta 2

Random Bible Quotes 2.0 Beta 2This program is more than a random quote generator. It has had plenty of thought put into it to display Random Bible Quotes based on common questions of certain issues which the author found. More details

  • Home page: http://randombiblequotes.ca
  • Rating: (2/5)

Easy To Do 2.0.0

Easy To Do 2.0.0Xanadu Tools specializes in productivity enhancing tools for Windows. Our first product is Easy To Do a FREE utility which helps you manage your To Do lists. It is a simple but powerful program to help

  • Home page: http://www.xanadutools.com/
  • Rating: (5/5)

TextEdit Beta 2

TextEdit Beta 2TextEdit is the simple and easy to use powerful text editor for Windows that allows you view and edit HTML CSS JavaScript PHP PERL SQL Delphi C C and other languages source code. TextEdit is

  • Home page: http://www.textedit.org/
  • Rating: (4/5)

Match It Version 2 1.0

Match It Version 2 1.0This program is a colorful 3D simulated matching program. It is made up of 20 different matching activities covering shapes colors objects animals food letters and numbers. Each matching

  • Publisher: Judy Lynn Software, Inc.
  • Home page: http://www.judylynn.com/prog_desc.php?PROG_NUM=601
  • Rating: (5/5)

PhotoME 0.8 Beta 2

PhotoME 0.8 Beta 2PhotoME is a powerful tool to show and edit the meta data of image files. Thanks to the well organised layout and intuitive handling it s possible to analyze and modify Exif and IPTC NAA data as well

  • Home page: http://www.photome.de/
  • Rating: (3/5)

Torrent WebUI 0.310 Beta 2

 Torrent WebUI 0.310 Beta 2 Torrent WebUI is a very easy to use add on for the Torrent torrent client that will allow you to remotely configure and control Torrent from any computer using just a web browser. Installation The

  • Home page: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewforum.php?id=20
  • Rating: (2/5)

DownUtube 3.0 Beta 2

DownUtube 3.0 Beta 2Downloads Movie Clips from YouTube.com Google Videos Apple.com IMDB. Features include searching the web sites downloading the clips keeping looked clips in cache showing clips pictures getting

  • Home page: http://www.mamutsoft.com/downutube/
  • Rating: (5/5)

Registry Space Profiler 1.0 Beta 2

Registry Space Profiler 1.0 Beta 2Registry Space Profiler is an open source registry space analysis tool similar to the Microsoft s DUREG utility.

  • Home page: http://www.tliquest.net/software/rsp
  • Rating: (5/5)

Rainmeter 3.0.1871 Beta / 2.5 3.0.1871 Beta / 2.5

Rainmeter 3.0.1871 Beta / 2.5Rainmeter is a customizable performance meter, which can display the CPU load, memory utilization, disk space, network traffic, time and many more things.Through Rainmeter, you can enhance your Windows

  • Publisher: Rainmeter
  • Home page: http://code.google.com/p/rainmeter/
  • Rating: (4/5)